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Before your Spray Tan...

- SHOWER, EXFOLIATE, SHAVE the night before or at least 2 hrs before your session.
- NO lotion, NO perfume, NO oils or make up - These will effect tan development. You may put on very little deodorant if necessary.
- Clothing: Wear loose, dark clothes and footwear. Please have rain gear when necessary (umbrella, rain jacket, loose closed toe shoes)
- DO NOT WEAR leggings or tight yoga pants or wool/lycra/nylon/spandex/silk/leather - These materials can effect the tan.
- Jewelry must be taken off.
- Contacts may be removed if you wish, but not necessary.
- Hair should be dry and put up in high pony so it doesn't touch your back and shoulders.
NOTE: Keep a towel in your car to cover the leather or lightly colored seats, as the cosmetic bronzer in the tanning solution may rub off & stain.

After your Spray Tan...

- Do a full-body warm water rinse 12-15 hours after you get tanned; 3-4 hrs if express solution is applied
- Do NOT use exfoliants or abrasives (at all for the length of your tan, 5-7 days)
- Use your hands to help rinse in crease areas that don't get directly hit with water (Some color will wash off in shower, it is normal. This is excess topical bronzer, no worries!)
- Pat dry when you're finished and immediately apply lotion everywhere - after every shower and every day.
- Moisturizing is the key to keeping your tan vibrant and skin softened. We recommend as close to a natural product (if you can) with your daily moisturizer. Many people use plain coconut oil. If you do not have a natural option, products with main ingredient of JoJoba oil, Hemp seed oil, Coconut oil and Shea butter work great.
- Keep in mind, this tan is on the top layers of your skin. If you decide to use harsh products or exfoliants, the tan will fade faster.


If you have any questions about any of the pre or post spray tan instructions, do not hesitate to call us!

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